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"I am sure it feels like you are rolling the dice or playing a game of chance when you setup a merchant account"

"Please call me for a Professional analysis of your account"

My Experience

I owned "Butch's Buy For Less" grocery store at the corner of Kingston Pike & Walker Springs in  Knoxville from 1989 - 1994. After getting out of the grocery business, I worked with 3 of the largest banks in the area processing credit cards. After 14 years, I decided that the corporate culture did not line up with my beliefs on how a customer should be treated. 

I left the corporate world and became a partner in a national company. I am NOT a representative BUT a CO-Owner of my company. There is a HUGE difference and I am very passionate about my clients and their success.

My Skillset

"The BOLD print GIVETH and the small print Taketh away......I help my clients understand the difference and protect them!"

Let my 19 years of experience help you today.

The largest processor in the United States spent a lot of money training me to handle their largest and most sophisticated clients and you can benefit from that training right now.

Why Butch

" I believe that every business that accepts credit card payments deserves to do business with someone that REALLY cares.....and treats you like family!"

IF this is what you are looking for and thought it was not possible in this day and age please give me a call.

I have clients in all over the United States and would love to work with you!

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